Personal, surprising, young, elegant and passionate about interior and design. These qualities stand out when you work or speak with Ann. Quite literally, ‘Ann thinks and breathes design’.

After gaining over 10 years of work experience at renowned interior architects in Amsterdam, Ann founded in 2015 her own company, Ann-Interiors. Ever since, she has put much passion into beautiful projects, which range from commercial to residential.

Ann creates for herself a personal own striving for each new project. Spaces need to be comfortable, functional, and above all, exclusively yours. Ann tries to look and create a style that is representative for your lifestyle, aspirations and your own persona.

For her, it will be a big challenge to translate all wishes and needs of the client, into a significant but yet a practical design. On a personal but also a professional way, she will advise the client to get the best results.

Thanks to her love for her profession and work, Ann currently works on serious and high-end interior projects. She puts a lot of energy into working on innovative and surprising concepts. Her inspiration comes from the latest design and trends, and she is always on the lookout for novelties to apply to her projects. ‘There is never a dull moment in interior design.’