Turn-key projects

Whenever you are developing a complete building or your new dream home, the biggest advantage of turn-key projects for interiors, is the single-point contact and no coordination hassles. Ann-Interiors can ensure a professional expertise, from the first designs to the last styling details. I start from the briefing of the client, to translate and sharing the information to the different contractors for each job. With my creative and excellent coordination skills, I’m able to execute each project to a great success.

Residential or Commercial projects

Ann is ervaren in zowel commerciële als particulieren projecten. Of je nu op zoek bent enkel een advies voor een bepaalde fase in een project of een compleet design wilt met de bijbehorende projectmanagement, in elke aanvraag anticipeert Ann met het maken van een custom made offerte, om de wensen van de klant persoonlijk te kunnen beantwoorden.

Project Phase 1

In the first phase of a project, the base of an interior design is laid out. Ann advises or draws up different options for the possible space layouts. This design can be complemented with a light and electricity plan. The design is supported by a general concept and mood presentation, to present the first ideas and the mood of a project to the client for inspiration.

Project Phase 2

After finishing the base design, the next step is adding the details for the bathroom and kitchen, materialising the rooms, drawings for the expanded design of the interior construction, etc. Ann also offers support in the quotation request process, of various suppliers.

Project Phase 3

In this phase, Ann will complete the design by creating a plan for furniture and colour. That means both advising on and purchasing all the furniture with the chosen styling and colour palette. Ann advises on upholstery, various possible styles and will invite you to high-end showrooms, to inspire you with the most beautiful and latest designs.

Project Phase 4

During the construction phase, Ann can fully supervise the cosmetic construction. Ann will act in a supportive role for the customer in order to safeguard the design during construction and to carefully coordinate it with the suppliers involved in the project.