Intuitive design – and that is precisely the strength and the starting point of every project ANN undertakes. I find it important to listen properly and to look at my clients. Usually, I sense almost immediately what direction they are leaning and how the space may be made to look, so that the client or target audience will feel happy and inspired by it. It is important that people are triggered by a space in the right way, which is accomplished by using the right colours, materials and layouts.

I use my creativity to translate this into a concrete and realistic design, which is not just suitable as far as comfort and appearance are concerned, but also fulfils its goal in terms of quality and originality. I always try to take the client out of their comfort zone and allow them to be inspired by surprising ideas that come to me. This way, we often arrive at the most coveted design for the space together.

I love clean designs but also colourful work, unexpected with an attractive interplay of lines, warm and varied with lots of contrasts, shapes and textures. The combination of this style, together with the preferences of the client, often yields a powerful and spectacular result in the end.

After the design phase, I work together with a team of professionals to concretise and detail the entire design. This includes requisite drawings, budgeting and supervising cosmetic construction.

I think it is important to remain involved in the realisation of the design, so that no surprises or unwanted situations arise.

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